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Enjoy an enjoyable experience for your body. Forget about the daily worries and problems and devote yourself to it. The massage has an extremely relaxing effect on the body. It stimulates blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the body. Try it now at Amrita Spa. A complete delight for you from our professionals.

The voucher includes:

Classic full body massage, feet, palms and scalp with divine scents. Duration of massage 60 min.

It is necessary to pre-register an hour by tel: 9999145218. If a reservation has been made for the use of the voucher, but the person does not appear at the agreed date and time, the voucher becomes invalid and the amount paid is lost. It is possible to postpone an advance reservation no more than once - at least one day before the reservation is made. Upon rescheduling, the voucher becomes invalid and the amount paid is lost.

Modern classical massage originated and developed in the mid-19th century in Sweden, which is why it is called Swedish massage in some countries.

Its main application is to relax, tone and restore the vitality of the body. Through its various methods, improvement of hemodynamics, enhancement of blood and lymph circulation, improvement of cell metabolism, rapid elimination of metabolic secretions during metabolism, activation of tissue trophy are achieved. In the path of irritation of the skin receptors the conductivity of the nerve tissue is improved, the psycho-emotional tone of the person is balanced. At the same time, the skin is cleared of dead and unnecessary cells.

Classical massage is applied as a general procedure of the whole body or part of it as a partial massage of: back, face, limbs, etc.

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